Ready to Save More Dogs' and Cats' Lives?

Are you ready to work with others in your community to ensure cats and dogs don’t die unnecessarily in shelters. We’re thrilled to have you The 2025 Action Team is a community-driven, grassroots movement to help save more dogs and cats across the country. We work with local advocates like you to make sustainable changes that save lives. When you join the 2025 Action Team, you become part of a group of advocates who believe that all pets and people deserve compassion, and that — when we work together — we can create real change for dogs and cats in need.

What do you want to change?

This is your space to run petitions about the issues you care about and connect with other pet lovers. If you have an idea to make your community a better place for pets and people, this will help you make it a reality.

Build support from your community

Anyone can be an advocate for pets as long as they are willing to connect with others. By working together with others in your community, you can inspire and create a local movement, and help save the lives of more dogs and cats. Your voice is more powerful than you think. Ready to work together to start saving more lives?

This website exists to promote positive social change and help. So let's get started!