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To: Burlington County Commissioners and Township Committees

Burlington County: Support our Cats, Support Trap-Neuter-Return

We need everyone in Burlington County, NJ to support cat welfare and raise awareness of the need for trap-neuter-return access for residents and cats in EVERY township.

Why is this important?

Each township in New Jersey sets their own rules and regulations about what is allowed and not allowed in their township, including how community/stray cats are managed.

The townships of Burlington, Chesterfield, Delanco, Edgewater Park, Florence, Mansfield, Medford Lakes, New Hanover, Palmyra, Pemberton Borough, Riverton and Willingboro do not currently allow for stray cat management through trap-neuter-vaccinate-return. Every township should allow for humane, safe, and cost-effective management of stray cats that is known to be effective at controlling the cat population. Township leaders need to hear from you, their constituents, that this matters to you and your community.

Sign the petition and add your township so we can let each township committee know this change is needed and wanted.


How it will be delivered

Social media outreach, email blasts and tabling at community events.

Burlington County, NJ, USA

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