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To: Allen City Council

Decriminalize TNR in Allen TX

Currently our ordinances do not allow for TNR. When the original ordinances were written, TNR had not yet been proven as a humane mechanism to control feral and community cat populations. By making room for TNR, the city will allow private residents to spend their own money to address the issue.

Why is this important?

TNR quantifiably reduces suffering and helps to stabilize feral and community cat populations. It also serves a springboard for a broader conversation about spay and neuter for companion animals.

By getting a single city in North Texas to allow for TNR, we can create momentum to get other cities to follow suit. Doing so will not only reduce city budgets in dealing with kittens and nuisance complaints, but also local animal rescues and advocacy groups. Less breeding -means - fewer kittens - means fewer resources spent by rescues. It can also help reduce compassion fatigue in local animal service and rescue organizations.

At the end of the day, TNR reduces animal suffering without any negative consequences for city governments and a multitude of benefits for communities.
Allen, TX, USA

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