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To: Warren County Planning and Zoning

Save No Time To Spare Animal Rescue & Sanctuary in Warrenton, MO!

We need an animal shelter in Warren County and presently No Time To Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is the only one helping the dogs in the County and now we are at risk of being closed down! The issue with the county is that No Time To Spare should have filled out a CUP (Conditional Use Permit) when they purchased this property 4 years ago. Our attorney's tell us it was not required at the time of purchase. This requirement has since been added to the Planning & Zoning Ordinances. No Time To Spare Animal Rescue & Sanctuary has taken in, rescued, saved, spayed/neutered, vaccinated, tested, treated, microchipped and rehomed or returned to their owners over 1,000 animals since they have been there. They have been called out to assist animals in need by Warren County citizens, businesses, EMT's, sheriff's department, city police departments, city animal control, agencies that assist battered women, veterans and their neighbors. Please do not stop this rescue from providing this community service that effects thousands of peoples lives. Please let's work together to find a resolution!

Why is this important?

Without No Time To Spare Animal Rescue and Sanctuary thousands of dogs and cats will have no where to go in Warren County. This forces people to dump animals and leave them defenseless. This affects peoples lives in so many ways. Presently in the United States approximately 1,000 animals are euthanized daily because we don't have enough shelters. No Time To Spare has been making a difference not only rescuing animals, but also making sure they are spay/neutered, microchipped and vetted before they are adopted. Please don't stop their good work for the community. We need them!
Warren County, MO, USA

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