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To: State lawmakers, influencers, Governor, local dog and rescue advocates

RELEASE Louisiana DOGS from chains!

Finally, a southern state has a law releasing dogs from life at the end of a chain. Our neighbor, Texas, passed the law, help us free Louisiana dogs from this terrible life as well.

In 2022, the dogs in Texas now have protection from careless owners who doom them to a life at the end of a chain, or life in the hot sun or freezing cold. Please help Louisiana dogs have the same protections. Under the new law, which went into effect on Jan. 18, 2022, Texas owners were barred from tying up their dogs outside with chains or weighed-down restraints. The length of an outdoor restraint must be 10 feet long or five times the dog's length from nose to tail. Furthermore, owners are no longer allowed to leave a dog outside and unattended while restrained unless the owner gives the dog access to "adequate" shelter, shade from direct sunlight, drinkable water, and proper protection from "inclement weather."

These are THE BARE MINIMUM BASIC protections that any companion animal should have. Help us to do better! Please pass similar laws with better definitions to what comprises "adequate" protections and help these companion animals who are the most loyal friends we've ever had. Help be their voice!

Why is this important?

The laws in Louisiana are heartless and outdated. There was a time when dogs were viewed in the same light as livestock. Due to the latest studies, we now know that dogs have evolved into a companion breed to man who have feelings and even emotions. They deserve to be treated humanely. Living at the end of a chain, or a short tether is unacceptable. Dogs deserve for humans to speak up for them. They are incapable of knocking on your door and asking for help. They suffer in silence. Be the voice of the dogs who are the most loyal companions humans have.
Louisiana, USA

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