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To: Chillicothe, MO Community, Chillicothe City Council, Livingston County Humane Society, Chillicothe Animal Shelter Guardian Lesley Patek

Save Our Community Cats in Chillicothe, MO

Like many communities, the over population of cats is a never ending battle. There are solutions to this over population issue and solutions to avoiding loss of life of cats in the Chillicothe area. These solutions will also lower the nuisance and complaints of cats breeding, marking, mate calling and getting into trash. Making efforts and money available for spaying and neutering the local community cat population and supporting those that just want to help them, in the community, is the proven key to solving the over population of community cats. There has been no community that has proven that collecting and killing cats, solves the over population and nuisance problems. Redirecting money and resources to spay/neuter, vaccinate and release cats to their neighborhood with the support of their care takers, is the solution. Please consider looking at these possible solutions to our cat over population that will not only save lives but will save the city money in the long run and even the nuisance of unaltered cats. If you are one that can help make these changes, please spread the word. If you are a resident, visitor, worker, business owner, please contact city council and the Livingston County Humane Society so that you can let them know that you want spay/neuter assistance in place for community cats, not the catch and kill method. City ordinances also need to change to support these life saving methods.

Why is this important?

Are you saddened, annoyed, frustrated to see so many stray, community cats in your neighborhood and town? Spaying , Neutering, vaccinating and releasing these community cats back into their area, with support to those that care for them, is the long term solution to the cat over population problem. What’s in it for our community? Over time, these cats that are spay, neutered and vaccinated, have been a proven solution to lowering the numbers over time. Not only that, but the many frustrations of behaviors from unaltered cats such as mate calling, spraying, multiple litters, cats getting into trash and cats roaming into your neighborhood are solved by spaying, neutering and vaccinating the local cat population. For many years communities have trapped and killed these defenseless community cats to only still see cat populations grow. Spaying/neutering and keeping the cats in their neighborhood, keeps other non altered cats from entering the neighborhoods. This way only altered less nuisance cats are the ones you will see. The ones that will not be causing all the nuisance of not being altered. And over time it is proven that cat populations lower significantly. Let’s be the solution not the problem. Using the community money to spay/neuter and vaccinate unaltered cats is what solves the problem, not spending money to trap and kill them. Not trapping and taking to the local shelter where that space is needed for cats that are seriously in need such as injuries. Your support in this campaign is vital to the health and wellness of the community. Thank you!

How it will be delivered

Through Social Media, local newspaper and local events with flyers and door hangars.

Chillicothe, MO 64601, USA

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