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To: City Manager - Toby Cotter, City Mayor - Steve D'Amico and City Council Members

Shelter Based Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return Program

In 2016 I founded We Care for Animals, I would be the first TNVR Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate Return organization in Bullhead City with a mission to humanely lower the population of community cats through TNVR. We have spayed, neutered and cared for 2,000 free roaming cats and kittens. We have medically treated over 400 kittens, and adults for illness and injuries including 11 quality of life euthanasia's.

We teach no cost "Colony Health and Management workshops for our community cat caregivers. We teach how to identify health issues, neonatal care and how to trap safely, responsibly and successfully. We provide Trucatch traps, dividers and covers. We also provide $20.00 vouchers for the 45.00 vet fee for spay/neuter, and an ear tip.

We are asking for help from the city to be a part of the positive and proactive solution, shelters like The Nevada Humane Society, Baltimore County. Salt Lake City Animal Services and Pima County Animals Services just to name a few. The challenges we are facing are transportation issues of driving all trapped cats from Bullhead City to the Humane Society of Mohave County Animal Medical Center in Kingman, this is the sole reason why more community cats cannot be helped. For instance it took four transporters two days to transport a breeding pair (two cats) to Kingman for spay and neutering. This prevented 2,072,514 kittens being born in eight years.

We are asking for help with the program, this would consist of targeted trapping, focusing on neighborhoods that are heavily populated. We need a fulltime shelter TNR representative that has experience with this type of program, a place to hold cats for pre care before transport to give basic needs and care. The Humane Society of Mohave County Animal Medical Center has agreed to 20 surgeries a week, and hold the cats overnight. This means we can rotate the cats pre and post surgery except on Wednesdays. This gives the perfect opportunity to host the workshops on Wednesdays and Saturdays. If 20 is our weekly target in one year we can successfully trap 1,040 a year for sterilization.

Please consider this proactive approach to help the community and free roaming cats.

Why is this important?

We are asking for support from our city to help this program grow into a much needed shelter based operation.

Bullhead City, AZ, USA

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