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To: El Paso residents

Stand together for the pets and people of El Paso

Stand together for the pets and people of El Paso

El Paso is working hard to become a community that provides the best possible care for its pets and support for the people who love them.

The first step is to use your voice by signing this petition to show you support these efforts in your community. Thank you for everything that you do for the animals.

Why is this important?

You can play a pivotal role in this effort and the work happening in El Paso to ensure El Paso is the most humane and kind community we can be.

We need you and your voice to be a part of this community effort! El Paso Animal Services is working hard to ensure access to programs that save animals lives and create a healthier community for people and pets including community cat programs, access to adoptable animals, and animal foster programs.

These programs are already working around the country and in El Paso but we need your support to ensure their continued success.

Sign and share this to help support the work being done in El Paso and ensure this is a local effort, built by community members who work collaboratively to make sustainable changes so more pets can live happy, healthy lives in the communities and with the families they call home.

El Paso, TX, USA

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