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To: Governor Steve Sisolak

Stop allowing dogs to ride in the beds of pickup trucks

Stop allowing dogs to ride in the beds of pickup trucks

I would ask that it be made illegal for dogs (or any other living thing, for that matter) be allowed to ride in the beds of pickup trucks, either tethered or not. It is obviously dangerous for the animal and dangerous for traffic. I have seen dogs actually fall out of pickup beds and have seen dead dogs by the sides of freeways and the only way they could have gotten there was by falling out and getting hit by a car.

Why is this important?

Because it saves dogs lives and encourages responsibility!! Numerous times I have seen dogs "hanging" over the sides of pickup beds, dangerously close to falling out. My sister told me that once she had actually seen a tethered dog fall out and get hung. I have seen numerous dead dogs on the sides of freeways and the only way this could happen is if they had fallen out of a pickup truck bed. That many loose dogs would not wander onto a freeway. People need to be less cavalier and more careful with their supposed treasured pets.

Nevada, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I've always thought it should be criminal to allow dogs to ride in the back of pickup trucks. The owners of those pets are irresponsible and negligent, and should not be allowed to own the animals.
  • It is to dangerous they get scared and jump out, fall out, or to hot in summer and to cold in winter. Most importantly they are people too and you should treat people the way you want to be treated.
  • Because pets are a part of a persons family, and they should not have them if they are unwilling to keep them from being harmed/killed by falling our of a pickup truck bed.


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