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To: Governor Cuomo

Stop the state of New York from discriminating against dog breeds

We want the state of New York to stop breed-discriminatory restrictions and to stop state-subsidized housing from banning pets based solely on their breed or size.

We believe that refusing to cover, canceling, or charging higher premiums for entire dog breeds is based on an outdated (and ineffective) approach to enhancing public safety. Prohibiting pets from housing because of their breed or size separates families. These practices create long-lasting emotional trauma for people, lead to more animals languishing in animal shelters, and waste taxpayer dollars.

Please sign and share this petition to show that you support affordable, pet-inclusive housing in our community.

Why is this important?

Two-thirds of American households include at least one cat or dog, which makes having a pet-inclusive place to call home essential for most Americans. Given the huge demand, one might think there would be enough pet-inclusive housing for renters. Unfortunately, housing-related issues are the second most common reason that families surrender a pet to an animal shelter. These housing issues may pertain to insurance issues, landlord restrictions, or limitations placed on the physical animal.

Many rental and government-subsidized housing make it difficult to own a pet. Even properties that are "pet-friendly" might have pet weight limits, such as "no dogs over 25 lbs" or breed restrictions. When families are forced to choose between securing a place to live and keeping their family pets, they may see surrender as a last resort.

As a trillion-dollar industry, the housing sector can be a positive influence in creating an inclusive and humane community. Additionally, more than 90% of housing providers and residents agree that pets are an important part of families. Welcoming all pets is good for business because residents stay significantly longer in housing that is pet inclusive (2). Expanding affordable and accessible pet-inclusive housing is necessary to ensure that families don’t have to choose between housing and valued members of their family.

Let’s work together to end housing restrictions for pets and their families.
New York, NY, USA

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