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To: The Virginia House of Delegates

Virginians support humane methods for managing cats

In Virginia, about 13,000 dogs and cats are killed in animal shelters each year (according to 2019 shelter data collected by Best Friends Animal Society).

Around two-thirds of the animals being killed in shelters nationwide are cats. Most are free-roaming, stray, or unowned cats — also known as community cats. Although some of these cats are adoptable, many more are not, and we can help these cats (while keeping our communities safe!) with trap-neuter-return (TNR).

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) is an animal-friendly, veterinarian-approved, and cost-effective method for keeping free-roaming cats safe, healthy, and out of shelters — while reducing their numbers over time. The cats are humanely trapped then sterilized and vaccinated before being returned to the place where they were found.

We, residents of Virginia, support this safe, humane, and cost-effective method for managing the cats living in our communities. Please pass legislation to affirm the legality of TNR so we can reduce the number of cats entering and dying in our animal shelters.

Why is this important?

Despite strong support from the Virginia Senate, a sub-committee in the House of Delegates voted to table Senate Bill 1390, which — if passed — would have clarified that trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs are legal throughout the state, helping facilitate lifesaving practices for Virginia's community cats.

Let's show the Virginia House of Delegates that our communities care about enacting lifesaving legislation for Virginia's cats. With enough signatures, we can ensure stronger support for this important legislation next time around. Please sign and share this petition today.
Virginia, USA

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