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To: The Mayor and Village Council of Bolingbrook, Illinois

Enact a Humane Pet Store Ordinance in Bolingbrook, Illinois

The State of Illinois passed a humane pet sales law!

I desire to have Bolingbrook enact a humane pet store ordinance to prevent the sale of commercially-bred pets in pet stores. This action is requested to address public health concerns related to diseases spread at the mass-breeding facilities that supply commercially-bred pets to local pet stores.

Why is this important?

Bolingbrook does not currently have a humane pet store ordinance, which means that pet stores are able to sell pets that come from mass-breeding facilities where profit takes priority over the health, comfort, and welfare of the animals. These facilities produce puppies that are often sick, causing unsuspecting consumers to have to care for a new pet in need of expensive veterinary treatment. Milled puppies can also spread Campylobacter, a dangerous, drug-resistant bacteria that is contagious to humans. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) traced a multi-state outbreak of Campylobacter to pet store puppies. This is a public health risk in a time where public health should be a top priority. We must learn our lesson from COVID-19: diseases that spread from animals to humans should be taken seriously. We have the opportunity to take action against mass-breeding pet mills, so we should act now to ban the sale of these commercially-bred pets in pet stores.

I would like to see Bolingbrook enact a humane pet store ordinance that would prevent local pet stores from being able to sell puppies, kittens, and rabbits from commercial breeding facilities.

I am a resident of Bolingbrook, and I care about the safety of animals and the humans interacting with these animals. Now is the time to pass an ordinance that would protect pets, consumers, and public health.

Neighboring cities, such as Chicago and Naperville, have passed similar ordinances which could serve as a model for our own ordinance. In fact, 20 localities across Illinois have already enacted similar ordinances.

Please consider passing a humane pet store ordinance for Bolingbrook, Illinois.

Thank you.
Bolingbrook, IL, USA

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