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To: Gov. Kim Reynolds Senators Adrian Dickey Kevin Kinney Jeff Reichman Ken Rozenboom, Representatives Holly Brink Jared Klein Joe Mitchell Jeff Shipley Cherielynn Westrich

End Breed Bans In Iowa!

• BSL has been proven to be ineffective. It is a waste of hard-earned taxpayer dollars. The cost of enforcing BSL takes away precious resources from other matters of concern to the community.
• Every citizen deserves to be protected from ALL
reckless dog owners, not just reckless owners with the targeted breeds of dogs. Everyone needs to be held equally accountable.
• BSL leads to increases in owner surrenders, creating
more work for animal shelters, more euthanasia, and
more financial resources required to care for surrendered dogs.
• BSL hinders adoptions and increases length of stay by restricting which dogs can be placed, limiting the
potential pool of adopters, and generating fear of all
shelter dogs.
• BSL has targeted 36 different breeds of dogs – from
Chihuahuas to Neapolitan Mastiffs – and countless
mixed-breed dogs based on their appearance. Even if your dog is not currently being targeted, BSL is a
slippery slope. Your dog could be the next target.
• BSL lowers the value of dogs and dog ownership by
generating hysteria based on false and unfounded
claims about dog behavior.
• BSL singles out certain bite victims for special
treatment and protection. BSL minimizes dog bite
victims who are injured by dogs that are not included
in the targeted breeds. All victims of dog bites
deserve equal protection under the law.
• All reckless dog owners should be held accountable
for their actions. Reckless owners of dogs that are
not included in the targeted breeds should be held
equally accountable for their actions.
• BSL has never been effective in reducing dog bites
and enhancing public safety. BSL will not have the
results that were promised to constituents. BSL
wastes constituents’ taxpayer dollars.
• BSL can lead to politicians losing future elections
because it alienates all dog owners – especially dog
owners of the targeted breeds – and angers
constituents who expected BSL to reduce dog bites
and enhance public safety.

Why is this important?

We cannot wait for someone else to do something about Breed Specific Language. Remaining silent will only allow your rights to be violated continuously. The time for action is not tomorrow-it is NOW!
We stand together for all dogs, will you take a stand with us?

How it will be delivered

We C.A.R.E. will deliver the petition in person at the Capital Building in January 2023 when our representatives return to session.

Iowa, USA

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