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To: City Council of Midland, TX

Continue funding our shelter and community needs

Continue funding our shelter and community needs

Thank you for continuing to support Midland, its people, and its animals. The motion to increase voucher funding for the remainder of the fiscal year passed on Tuesday, June 22nd. You all have been and continue to be such an important voice in advocating for resources Midland needs.

We know there will be more to come and want to build on this momentum in advocating for next fiscal year. The community can and should be a voice in this process.

Sign and share this petition to continue much-needed resources for Midland people and pets.

Why is this important?

The voucher program provides local community members and pets with much-needed resources. It also reduces the number of animals coming into the shelter and decreases the number of pets euthanized, too. Through this program, Midland community members have access to affordable spay/neuter for their dogs and cats. This allows them to retain ownership of their pets while providing medical care and ultimately keeping the stray population down.

Continuing this funding at full capacity based on current needs is critical for managing stray populations in Midland, TX. This could lead to a rise in shelter intake creating overcrowded conditions and higher euthanasia rates. This would take a toll on shelter staff and local residents who would no longer have access to resources to help create solutions at a community level.

Midland, TX, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • Animals don't deserve to be killed just because people are too lazy or callous to look out for their well-being
  • We are their only hope for remaining disease free and controlling the population humanely.
  • We HAVE TO help and protect the animals.


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