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To: Fayette City Counsel

Repeal The City Of Fayette BSL Ban

Years ago on nothing more than fear and emotion, a ban was put in place against pitbull dogs, and any dog with pitbull “characteristics.” Even with the local vet speaking out against this ban it was still pushed through because of fear and politics. As a rescue we have taken several dogs from Fayette City limits, because of threats or talk scaring owners into thinking they had to give up their pet or send it to it’s death. This ban should be repealed, banning a breed will fix nothing. Ripping pets away from good responsible owners fixes nothing, this ban should be repealed and replaced with strict punishment and penalty against OWNERS, who mistreat and refuse to handle their responsibilities as a pet owner. The council that passed this ban said they did so while listening to the experts, but the experts, the ones who handle and treat these animals were in complete disagreement with this ban. It is time to do the right thing and repeal this ban.

Why is this important?

This is an important issue because no animal should be ripped away from loving families and killed simply based on how it looks, what breed it is, or what characteristics it has.
Fayette, AL 35555, USA

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