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To: Prince George's County Council

Repeal the Ban in Prince George's County

It is time to repeal Prince George's county’s breed-specific and discriminatory ban on pit bull-like dogs and replace it with a comprehensive dangerous dog ordinance that will make our county safe. The ban has led to the deaths of thousands of dogs, the separation of thousands of families, and wasteful spending of millions of dollars.

Why is this important?

Thousands of families have been unnecessarily broken apart. This ineffective legislation unfairly targets people and communities of color and it’s time for Prince George’s county to do better for pets and all the people who love them.

We believe that all dogs are individuals and that discriminating against dogs because of their breed or appearance is wrong. Responsible dog ownership is the key to promoting public safety and that scapegoating based on myths and biases is always wrong.

It is time for our county’s laws to reflect the scientific consensus on this topic: there is no such thing as a dangerous breed of dog.

We are county residents, dog lovers, and taxpayers and we are ready for repeal. The public broadly supports repealing the discriminatory ban and we want the council to support it as well.

Prince George's County, MD, USA

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