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To: Polk City Council

Support lifesaving programs in your community

Around two-thirds of the animals being killed in shelters nationwide are cats. Cats need community support to ensure that they have safe, positive placement outside of animal shelters.

Urge your community to expand resources for pet owners to keep people and pets safe and healthy by advocating for programs that are proven to provide safe placement for cats like community cat programs, foster care programs, and robust adoption programs.

Please sign and share this petition to show that you support safe, humane, and positive change for the cats living in your community and the people who care for them.

Why is this important?

We need you and your voice to be a part of this community effort! The people in your community are a critical part of ensuring that pets and people have access to positive programs and resources.

Sometimes when you want to create change in your community, it's hard to know where to begin. You can play a pivotal role in this effort to ensure your community is the most humane and kind it can be.

The 2025 Action Team is a community-driven, grassroots movement to help save more dogs and cats across the country. We work with local advocates like you to make sustainable changes that save lives. Local action teams are working with friends and neighbors to influence political leaders, assist local shelters, and work to make their communities better for pets and people.

Be part of a driven and diverse group of people who believe that all pets and people deserve compassion, and that — when we work together — we can create real change for dogs and cats in need.

Polk County, FL, USA

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